Friday, August 26, 2011

Legend of the bottle tree

This has become such a item for junkers and gardeners ,thought you might be interested in a little history,please be aware I am a Christian and as much as I enjoy these eclectic and interesting little pieces of art I do not believe this legend !! These whimsy little creations have their roots in Congo,they were brought over by the slaves,and began their migration all over the Southern landscape,found mostly along the countryside  close to the bayous in Louisiana, Mississippi,Tennessee,and Alabama.  In the Congo the blue bottles were hung from trees and huts as talisman to ward off evil spirits.  They believed that the spirits became mesmerized by the colors of the bottles sparkling in the sunlight and entered the bottles and were not able to find their way out,I have heard that they would put a cork i the bottle and put them in the waterways to be carried off (gee I wonder if this is why so many of those little bad spirits still hang out in the South??) Now you know the rest of the story what do you think???

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