Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunshine after the rain

What a blessing,the rain came and came some more ,it is such a miracle how a rain can turn a weak colorless garden back to its glorious splendor in a matter of just a few hours. This has been one of the hot summers when you really have to be careful about your watering. Remember to let your plants dry out well and continue to water deep ,this will help with root rot. because of the warm night temperatures plants will suffer quickly depleting the food they have created and causing a weaker plant ,this is not a fertilizing problem and will not help them to deal with the heat.Our gardens as always seem to make it Thur these stressful times and always come back alive at the on coming of Fall,So hang in there and the hard work will be rewarded n the next few months!!  Just a few great plants for you to remember for next Summer that preform well in zone 8, for shade annuals ,caladiums, inpatients,begonias, for sun bachelor buttons, marigolds,angelonia,profusion zinnia,potato vine,some perennials you may want to try for shade hosta,lenten rose,ferns (painted,autumn) stokesia,creeping jenny,for sun,cone flowers,euphorbia,correopsis,daylilly and aztex grass,this is just a parchal list and I am sure you have your own favorites ,which we will love to here about.My post in this category will be about garden info and we always invite you to send us a comment
on your tips and we will pass them along,happy gardening.


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