Sunday, August 28, 2011

pond fountain

Thought you  may enjoy this project ,fortunately we already had the pond ,so it was not a start from scratch project,you could also use an old bath tub for this project,just use your imagination. We started with an old garden gate which I decided to use blue for the primary color,we used metal clamps around the fence post and screwed them into the wood frame on the pond,next we layed our containers out ,you can use any old metal buckets holes are no problem because they do not hold any water,a watering can is great for the top.put your pump inside the pond and run the tubing up thru the bottom of the can (ours just happened to have a hole in the bottom) and out the spout. Stack your pans to look as if they are joined together and wire to the gate,some of ours are sitting on the side of the pond, plant with your favorite plants and enjoy.

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